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Renaissance Politics

The blog is dedicated to the thoughtful and creative review of the political issues of the day. The author meshes his knowledge of government, law and politics to provide an interesting analysis to the reader.

Country: Afghanistan
creating concern

It is a blog which aims at reuniting the masses of the nation to create awareness in the society regarding the rights and duties of the society. It aims at creating a revolution to eliminate corruption and scams from the system.Its a platform to empower the people of india and give them a chance to register their opinion on the national arena

Country: India
Election Campaign Software

Election Campaign Software. Send your Leaders Voice Message to all your voters and Win. Pls Visit 0.9840041444

Country: India
A Seeker's Diary

I want to discover the larger picture ... I want to seek, instead of being sought !! An independent take on India, Politics, Sports, Economy, Terrorism, Religion, Spirituality and anything Indian.

Country: India
the Blog

A compendium of ideas originating from various events in the news.

Country: United States

History of Eurasia from 400 BC to 300 BC.

Country: India

Bangkok f& Thailand lifestyle, society, politics, curiosity, surprises, culture, nightlife, travel, food and news, it's More Bangkok @

Country: Thailand

The main purpose of my blog is to express my thoughts and very often angers about what I see in my everyday life. I also try to upload bibliographies and memories from my trips.

Country: Greece

On a new political philosophy to replace democracy and adding qualitative parameters to hmanity.

Country: India
Fausty's Libertarian Blog

Political commentary from a libertarian perspective

Country: United Kingdom
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