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Viagra; A journey from trademark to lifestyle It is true that we all receive daily junk mails with subjects like 'buy Viagra', 'cheap Viagra', 'Viagra for erectile dysfunction', 'buy cheap Viagra online' etc. Keeping these Viagra selling effort aside, we also come across phrases like 'Political Viagra', 'Economic Viagra', 'Sales Viagra', 'Fashion Viagra'; used in write-ups related to fields which has nothing to do with the blue pill meant for erectile dysfunction. Viagra a tiny six lettered word has created a revolution in our world. Have you ever thought what does Viagra mean or where has this term been derived from? You will be surprised to know that the term Viagra never existed in any language on this earth. But then how did Brand Viagra evolve? Pfizer chose this name because it was not used in English or in any other foreign language and hence it did not convey a particular meaning. They wanted a name which was safe to avoid causing any humiliation or misunderstanding to anybody.
Posted on: 05/03/2013
Country: United States
Author: Anupam
Listed in: Medicine  Health
Tags: viagra  buy_viagra  viagra_online  buy_Viagra_online     
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