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Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Peter Elikann, Attorney at Law serves legal services to clients in the area of criminal defense and drug charges.

Country: United States
Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney

Since 1995, Arizona's Board of Legal Specialization has recognized my expertise and accomplishment as a criminal defense lawyer by certifying me as a Criminal Law Specialist. I represent clients in all criminal cases from minor misdemeanors to homicide. The law firm provides valuable information to individuals throughout Phoenix who are facing felony charges. The firm lawyer who has significant experience of criminal law can help ensure clients to receive the legal protection they need.

Country: United States
Grand Rapids MI Drunk Driving Attorneys

The Grand Rapids Criminal Defense attorneys of the Law Offices of Kelly G Lambert handle cases involving Drunk Driving.

Country: United States
Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Law blog for Anaya, Foley & McKedy, P.C., in Colorado Springs. We have the experience to help. Call 719-387-9954 for more info.

Country: United States
Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm, every case is reviewed and discussed by a team of three criminal defense attorneys. Whether clients were arrested for drunk driving like OWI, OWI 2nd Offense, OWI 3rd Offense DUI or OWVI, accused of domestic violence, or charged with a serious felony, attorneys will provide an aggressive defense against the charges the client face. The law firm provides initial consultation with no cost.

Country: United States
Miami Medicare Fraud Attorney

The lawyers at Jose M Quinon, P.A law firm in Florida help their clients if they are charged for any criminal offenses.

Country: United States
Miami Federal Drug Trafficking Attorney

The Frank A. Rubino law firm located in Florida has lawyers who serve clients to rescue to criminal offenses.

Country: United States
GA DUI Lawyer

Based in Georgia, The Law Offices of Daniels & Rothman, P.C., provides legal assistance in the cases related to criminal law.

Country: United States
Jacksonville Homicide Attorney

The law firm Arnold & New handles cases to their clients in the area related to criminal defense law and the like.

Country: United States
Pittsburgh Criminal Lawyer

The Law Offices of David S. Shrager, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, gives legal advice in the area of criminal defense law and the like.

Country: United States
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